How to Fix Faulting application name: devicecensus.exe, version: 10.0.17134 In Windows 10 1803 April 2018 Update

Windows Event Log window

As you may not already know, The Windows 10 Spring Creator's Update 1803 April of 2018 has been officially cleared for the Business/Enterprise update channel for Windows Update. This means those that have been holding on to the 1709 or earlier versions of Windows 10 will probably be prompted upgrade soon. While this version of Windows does bring some new features, it also brings some new bugs and errors. the most annoying of these errors is the Faulting application name: devicecensus.exe, version: 10.0.17134.1 error that shows up in the event log.

Today I am going to show you how to solve this annoying error. So without further ado, lets get started!

What Causes this error? - This error is caused if the Camera access setting is enabled and either a camera is not connected to the computer, or a camera is available but your security software is blocking access to it (good security software will do just this for your privacy). Since Windows 10 runs telemetry every so often, it tries to access camera data via the camera app or other software and when these queries fail, you end up with this error message.

How do we fix it? There will be two steps to fixing this error.
  • Step 1- Disabling Camera Access
  • Step 2 - Disabling this telemetry via the Windows Registry.
   To disable the camera settings, go to the Start button and click the gear icon. In the window that pops up select the "Privacy" icon and in the left hand pane of the window click on "Camera"  and then click the "Change" button  and turn camera access off. See screenshot below.

Windows Camera Settings Page

Once this is done, devicecensus.exe will not attempt to query data from your camera and hence this error will go away.

For good measure we are also going to disable device telemetry altogether by performing the following steps:

  • Click the Start Button and then click the gear again. 
  • In the settings window click on the "Privacy" Icon
  • In the left pane click on "Diagnostics & Feedback"
  • Set Diagnostic Data to "Basic"
  • Scroll Down and set  "Feedback Frequency" to Never
  • See Screenshot below

Windows 10 Diagnostics Page

Windows 10 Diagnostic Data Delete Page

Once this is done, we need to open the Registry Editor. to do this hold down the Windows Key on your keyboard and then press the R key to open the run dialog box.

In the dialog box type regedit and press enter.

Once the Registry Editor is open navigate to the following Registry Key:


In the right pane you will need to Right Click your mouse in the white space and select "New 32-bit DWORD Value. You will want to name this value AllowTelemetry

Once you finished creating the key, double Click on the AllowTelemetry reg key you just created and set its value to 0

this will disable telemetry all together, See Screenshot below

Windows Registry Editor

 Now Reboot your PC and your all fixed and the error is gone.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your PC when changing settings or changing registry values. If you choose to make changes, you do so at your own risk.. You are solely responsible for any damage to your computer , data, or other hardware due to user error, inadequate cooling, too high of voltages, incorrect software settings, and any other factors. Please remember to back up your computer before attempting this. If overclocking, Do not Overclock on the stock AMD or Intel CPU Heatsink and fans. Use Aftermarket cooling heat sinks of sufficient TDP or water cooling to ensure best chance of not having premature hardware failure. As always, remember to backup your data before attempting any change. I am not responsible for data loss or damage of any kind.

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  1. I had to do your last step also to get it to stop, the other things I already made PreSysprep and did not was the final solution. So the last registry settings was that helped.

  2. Glad this post was of some help to you :)


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