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How To Schedule Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials Virus Definition Updates


Windows Defender Security Center window


Sorry for my month long hiatus on posting, I have been a bit busy as of late. However, today we are going to look into how to automatically schedule  Virus Definition Updates on Windows Defender on Windows 8/8.1 and Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows Vista/7

By default, Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials only checks for updates once per day, and these updates are tied into Windows Update. The definitions for Windows Defender/Security Essentials that are available on Windows Update are always older then the latest definitions available on the Microsoft Malware Protection Center.  For this reason, its always better to have the latest virus definitions for Windows Defender to ensure your as protected as you can be from the newest viruses and other malware out there.

So without further ado, lets walk through the steps needed to schedule your computer to check with the Microsoft Malware Protection Center every hour and download and install newer definition files automatically!

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