Samsung S20/Note20/S10/Note10 and other phones can't receive or send MMS on Wi-Fi



Hi! Its certainly been awhile since my last post. Life has been busy with being elected Mayor in January, and the COVID19 pandemic. Today, I come to you with another fix to an issue that seems to be pretty common right now. This will work for any Samsung Phone that has Wi-Fi Calling. 

Since a recent update, many Samsung Phones will not send or receive MMS(Multimedia Messages) over Wi-Fi. This issue seems to happen more with the Samsung Messages app, but it also happens with the Google Messages app, even if your are using RCS Chat Features. 

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How to use Razor THX with Nvidia Shadowplay


Hi folks!

Today, we are going to cover the issue of NVIDIA ShadowPlay not recording in-game audio if you have a Razor Headset and you have THX Spatial - Synapse as your default audio device. This occurs because of the way THX processes the audio and then spits it out of your USB audio device. Since Shadowplay has to catch the audio when its first produced, this won't work because the THX and the THX Service gets access to the audio before Shadowplay does. This results in no in-game audio being recorded when using THX Spatial-Synapse as your default audio device.

To fix this issue do the following:

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Windows Update Stuck In Paused Mode After Updating to Windows 10 1809



I have ran into an interesting issue on machines I recently upgraded from Windows 10 1803 to Windows 10 1809. As you may know, those on the "Semi-Annual Channel" upgrade path with Windows 10 Pro and greater, don't receive feature updates as quickly as most home users.

The "Semi-Annual Channel" delays feature updates for a few months for Businesses and Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise/Education users to give those users more time to test applications. microsoft also uses telemetry data to fix any issues with the updates before deploying it to businsses via the Semi-Annual Channel.

Last week, I was finishing rolling out Windows 10 1809, when I noticed Windows update was broken on these machines.
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