How to Fix Event ID 10016, DistributedCOM Windows.SecurityCenter.WscBrokerManager Error Windows 10

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I am back today with another solution to a common problem. It seems every time Microsoft releases an update to Windows 10, Your event log is full of Event ID 10016 Errors. these errors range from issues with Windows Security Center, to general DCOM Errors involving Shell host.

Now according to Microsoft, some of these DCOM Errors are by design and are harmless. To quote the recent Microsoft DCOM Event ID 10016 is logged in Event Viewer Knowledge Base article:

These 10016 events are recorded when Microsoft components tries to access DCOM components without the required permissions. In this case, this is expected and by design.

A coding pattern has been implemented where the code first tries to access the DCOM components with one set of parameters. If the first attempt is unsuccessful, it tries again with another set of parameters. The reason why it does not skip the first attempt is because there are scenarios where it can succeed. In those scenarios, that is preferable.

However, to many people these errors are annoying and serve no purpose other than to clog your event log with a bunch of annoying error messages like seen below..

Windows Event Log view

The solution to Windows.SecurityCenter.WscBrokerManager, Windows.SecurityCenter.WscCloudBackupProvidor, and Windows.SecurityCenter.WscDataProtection DCOM 10016 errors has to do with the Windows Security Center Service and its by default delayed auto start.

The problem with the security center service delayed auto start is Windows.SecurityCenter.WscBrokerManager,and Windows.SecurityCenter.WscCloudBackupProvidor tries to initiate very early in the boot up process, and this will cause it to fail and give those error messages. It will later retry after the Windows Security Center Service(wscsvc) has finally started up, and then succeed as normal.

To fix this problem, you must change the delayed start value of wscsvc to start up sooner in the boot process so its not delayed by disabling the delayed start of the wscsvc service.

You can not however change the startup value of the Windows Security Center Service via the Services application because you simply won't have permissions to do so. It can only be changed via the registry.

To fix these errors, perform the following steps:

1. type regedit in the Windows Search box and "Run it as administrator and click OK in the UAC prompt.

2. Navigate to the following Registry key:

3.  In the right-hand pane look for the DWORD Value named DelayedAutoStart

4. Double click DelayedAutoStart and change the value from 1 to 0

5. Close the Registry Editor and restart your computer.

6. Those DCOM Error messages with Event ID 10016 concerning Windows.SecurityCenter should no longer be present.

As always, I hope this little articles helps folks out there wondering why they are getting these annoying errors.

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Have a great New Year!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your PC when changing settings or changing registry values. If you choose to make changes, you do so at your own risk.. You are solely responsible for any damage to your computer , data, or other hardware due to user error, inadequate cooling, too high of voltages, incorrect software settings, and any other factors. Please remember to back up your computer before attempting this. If overclocking, Do not Overclock on the stock AMD or Intel CPU Heatsink and fans. Use Aftermarket cooling heat sinks of sufficient TDP or water cooling to ensure best chance of not having premature hardware failure. As always, remember to backup your data before attempting any change. I am not responsible for data loss or damage of any kind.

7 Responses to How to Fix Event ID 10016, DistributedCOM Windows.SecurityCenter.WscBrokerManager Error Windows 10

  1. Hi, I have followed this intruction and succeded.
    Jola K.

  2. Thank you very much, it helped.

  3. I tried to implement this fix on server 2019 standard and the registry entry wscsvc dies not exist (at least in the stated location).

  4. If the wscsvc registry tree does not exists, you would either have to create it manually or run both:

    sfc /scannow



    from a command prompt ran as administrator to fix some kinda corruption because that entry is part of Windows Defender Security Center and should exist.

  5. I checked a bunch of servers both 2016 and 2019. The registry does not exist on those machines but it does on the 2 windows 10 computers I checked. I will be happy just to get those fixed. Thank's Ron.

  6. Does this setting (0) turn off DelayedAutoStart? That is what it seems to do. I think this is a Local Activation Permission issue, no?


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