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5 Must Have Security Add-Ons For Mozilla Firefox


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Hello folks!

Today we are going to cover five must have security add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. Firefox hit a rough patch the last few years, but after the re-write to Quantum with improved memory management, speed, security, and stability, it is beginning to gain back its market share.

Firefox has saw its usage growth  continue to grow for the 2nd straight month in 2019. This is good news! As with the recent news of Microsoft to be re-writing Edge with Google Chrome's Engine, this means Mozilla will be the only major browser left not using the Chromium render engine. As Firefox begins to get popular again, its important to have some quality security add-ons to keep you safe on the web!

So without further delay, here we go!

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Why your iPhone or Android Phone isn't as secure as you think


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The internet is a different place than it was 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. Social Media and sharing has become an even bigger part of our lives. This rise in social sharing has also paved the way for mobile devices such as cellphones, tablets, and even IOT(Internet of Things) devices.

Apps and IOT devices give us much easier access to information and services than computers in many cases. This is highlighted by devices such as the Amazon Alexia that will allow you to order products by simply telling it what to order. While these are very much incredible feats and advances in technology, these advances come with some risks.

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